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Monday, July 14, 2014

Have A Great Week Ahead

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Happy Monday Everyone, Lets Get High The Right Way, Through Music! Have A Great Week Ahead.

Peace & Respect 

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Friday, July 11, 2014


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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why We Want Employers & Musicians To Profit First

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In this business you have a few choices, you can stand up and be ignored and labeled all sorts of things for calling on employers to do what is right and fair or you can be cunning and devilish and just not stand up and make a profit. Talents For Asia has taken 8 years and many mistakes to evolve into a reputable defender of musicians rights and an advocate of people before profit, This is Why we want employers & musicians to profit first before us, Because if we profit before the employer and musicians than we are not being a principled brand. Being a principled brand comes with its downfalls, some employers fear you and don’t want to work with you, some agents see you as a threat instead of seeing you as the way forward and working with you. You are labeled many awful things so that you are discredited publicly for your moral stand on proper, legal and human employment standards in music. Throughout all the storms and attempts to put Talents For Asia down we are still here and we are still standing up because it’s the right thing to do, eventually people will not want to work with employers or agents who will not respect them and treat them with the dignity they deserve as talented artistic musicians. Eventually a change will come and those who are on the wrong side of change will become irrelevant. Talents For Asia has always in every situation placed the musicians and employers first before profits. Testimonials on our main website are evidence of our commitment to the processes we have put in place for the betterment of the industry.

Our Position

Talents For Asia wants to eventually be a platform where hotels and bars, clubs and agents and promoters, event companies can come to and book musicians online at rates where they can still earn a decent profit. This is our Position and that is why we want employers & musicians to profit first because we feel that if they can profit first they will see the value in working with a brand that is here to benefit them. Everyone has to make a choice in their life. The team at Talents For Asia has chosen to give back to an industry we so love by being a platform for all, but a platform that in calculates fair employment terms and conditions with taking into consideration the global economic situation of the time and the fundamentals of basic human rights.

Our position is that there is no compromise on basic human rights and there is no letting up when and employer or agent abuses musicians. We do come off rather strong but we have to because no one is taking the plight of musicians seriously enough and too many talented people in music are suffering from the lack of awareness. Our articles are aimed at explaining the plights of musicians and djs in hope that employers will read and understand that they will than institute policies in their companies to better the employment terms for musicians. It is not easy to advocate for better rights and equality because of the “Cheap Labor” mentality, but the reality of the times is the world has changed and the cost of living in every country has risen dramatically as such salaries and benefits should be increased as well for these musicians, and this is what we are trying to do at Talents For Asia. We are trying to state our position and help employers and agents understand that there must be change and the “Cheap Labor” mentality must be abolished.
The world is now connected and “Cheap Labor” is often equated with modern day slavery, so things do have to change if we want to avoid being labeled nasty things like “supporter of slave labor” . This industry is one of creativity, art and amazing talent. Musicians go through so much just to be able to entertain everyone and we should be grateful for their contributions to society, yet in countries like South Korea Filipino musicians are abused, underpaid and turned into sex object. Their basic humanity denied and their dignity raped. When you ask a musician to take a 600 USD salary you are effectively denying that musician of his dignity and effectively forcing him or her to remain in the poverty belt. We know this is hard to swallow but it is true and if you think about it for a minute, you will understand that based on the cost of living today just about 70% of the world can't live on 500 – 600 USD a month. So when you read our articles, try to understand our position and try to see that we have good intentions and there are ways to allow for a better employment situation of musicians without hurting the musicians & employers profit margin. If we can say we want employer and musicians to profit first, we are certainly sure that you can see the value in our platform.

How We Prove We Are What We Are

When we launched our 75 Campaign for Hotels Only this 2014, we effectively put our money where our mouth was, this is why we are able to show why we want employers and musicians to profit first because we launched a campaign where in we are charging below market rate commissions so that more money can be saved by the employer and the musician can earn a better living. When you want to prove a point you can’t just argue, you need evidence to show you can deliver and we have done so, not only via our testimonials section on our website but by the campaigns we launch. The choice ultimately is up to the employer on who and how he wants to work with but when you have to think about good value for your brand in terms of reputation than you should only work with a service provider that takes into consideration all of the aspects that protects your brand from being misrepresented to the general public.
Hotels especially are prone to bad publicity which could affect their business, however some hotels and bars think that because they are giants they are immune, this is not true, a bad review or a few bad reviews and questionable business practices can really bring on a storm of unwanted bad publicity. So hotels have to be very careful when employing musicians, make sure you are buying from a platform that in calculates your brand values into its procedures and takes into consideration that if ever a disgruntle musician goes to file a complaint, your hotel brand will not lose its face value and reputation in the public eye. There are really very many good agents and promoters in the market besides Talents For Asia, so if you as an employer should take time to speak with the promoters and agents you work with so you will know their procedures and if it is in line with your business or brands value and policies and compare who can give you the most transparent and fair deal which sees you profiting and not just breaking even.
You can’t be buying bands from promoters who are only interested in their bottom line and not your businesses value or reputation, neither can you be buying bands from agents and promoters that are pushing slave like wages on musicians, you have to take a stand, Change begins with you the employer and your willingness to work in a new and better way, your willingness to increase maybe your drink prices or room rates to cover the cost of the band, however you arrange your budget end of the day you must ensure that you the employer and your musicians profit before agents do. This is your basic right which is to make the best deal possible for your business but with taking into consideration the value of the musicians and how they can bring you a strong profit margin rather than just a profit margin.

All the above said is really explaining our position on how we work and explaining what we mean when we say why we want employers & musicians to profit first. Thank you for taking the time to read our humble thoughts and we look forward to working with you in the near future. Keep the music playing and may you all be blessed with an abundance of profit before us.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


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